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Natural Gas Storage Solutions - VOLANDSTM

VOLANDS (Volume Optimized Land Storage) is EnerSea’s innovative, above-ground compressed natural gas land-based storage technology. Building on the gas containment and gas handling systems used in EnerSea’s marine transport systems, VOLANDS is a  dynamic alternative that provides high deliverability, cyclic gas storage capabilities similar to salt dome caverns.

VOLANDS can be integrated into a marine gas transport project, or can be provided as a stand-alone storage solution for clients in geologically constrained areas worldwide. 


The VOLANDS technology also provides value to a broad range of potential customers such as peaking power producers or gas distribution companies that have limited pipeline or natural storage alternatives. This new technology aligns the user’s daily injection and withdrawal rates to and from storage to match hourly load requirements and augments firm pipeline transportation capacity. 

In addition, EnerSea offers marine-based storage solutions on barges. These barges provide the same advantages as a VOLANDS solution but can be easily redeployed as the demand for storage changes.

The VOLANDS Advantage

  • Supports marine gas delivery

  • Scalable capacity from 20 MMscf to 600MMscf

  • Injection and delivery between 5 MMscfd to 500 MMscfd

  • Designed to cycle daily, weekly or monthly

  • Ensures against gas supply interruptions, pressure reductions or upset conditions

  • Manages peaks and valleys in demand 

Regional Opportunities

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