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Natural Gas Demand Grows Strongly by 40% from 2017 to 2040

5 August 2019

"CEDIGAZ, the International Information Center on Natural Gas, has just released its « Medium and Long Term Natural Gas Outlook 2019 ». Cedigaz Scenario incorporates government ambitions in the context of the energy transition that is underway. It is built upon the implementation of strong energy efficiency programmes and increased diversification of the energy mix based on the NDCs. Cedigaz Outlook 2019 highlights that natural gas has a crucial role to play to support the energy transition and meet all targets of the NDCs. However, this will not be enough to reach the +2°C target: emissions in the Cedigaz scenario would put the world closer to a +3°C path. The future expansion of natural gas in the energy mix is driven by the competitiveness and abundance of gas resources in gas-rich markets (North America, Russia, Middle East, Mozambique), which will expand LNG export capabilities. Positive developments of unconventional gas, especially in the US, and liquefied natural gas markets will continue to reshape natural gas supplies."

Source: CEDIGAZ | Link: Click Here

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  • Natural Gas Demand Grows Strongly by 40% from 2017 to 2040

5 August 2019​

  • IEA's: Gas 2019 - Analysis and Forecast to 2024

01 June 2019​

  • IGU Releases 2019 World LNG Report

2 April 2019​

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Gas 2019 - Analysis and Forecast to 2024

01 June 2019

"Natural gas demand grew at a remarkable clip last year, increasing by 4.6%, its highest growth rate since the beginning of the decade. Future growth will be more measured, supported by economic expansion in emerging markets – especially in Asia – and sustained policy support in the People’s Republic of China to battle air pollution. The supplies to meet that new growth will come from both new domestic production in these fast-growing economies but also increasingly from major exporting countries, led by the development of the abundant shale gas resources in the United States. International trade, supported by the strong growth in liquefied natural gas export capacity, will play a growing role in the development of natural gas markets as they move further towards globalisation. The recent convergence in market prices in major regions provides an indication of this increasing integration. However, establishing market-driven pricing mechanisms in fast-growing countries remains a challenge, albeit one that is being addressed by pricing reforms in several leading emerging economies around the world."

Source: IEA | Link: Click Here

IGU Releases 2019 World LNG Report

2 April 2019

"Today,  the International Gas Union(IGU) released its 2019 World LNG Report – an annual, in-depth analysis of the current state of the Global LNG Industry over the previous 12 months.


Examining a range of metrics, the latest report illustrates that 2018 was another strong year for LNG, further reinforcing its role in expanding access to natural gas as a vital global energy source. Global LNG trade set a record for the fifth consecutive year, reaching 316.5 million tonnes (MT). This marks a significant increase of 28.2 MT, or 9.8%, from 2017 – the third-largest annual increase ever (behind only 2010 and 2017).


Over 99 MT of this number was accounted for by non-long-term trade, which equates to a 14.5 MT increase on 2017 and makes up 31% of total LNG trade. This marks the second year in a row in which the non-long-term market has substantially expanded, due to growing LNG supply and demand elasticity.

Source: International Gas Union | Link: Click Here

Oil and Gas Will Account for Over Half of World's Energy by 2040

21 February 2018

"Oil and gas will account for over half of the world’s energy by 2040, according to BP plc’s latest Energy Outlook.


The outlook’s ‘evolving transition’ scenario highlights that demand for oil will grow over much of the period to 2040 before plateauing in later years. All the demand growth is said to come from emerging economies, with the growth in supply driven by US tight oil in the early part of the outlook. OPEC is said to take over from the late 2020s as Middle East producers adopt a strategy of growing market share."

Source: Rigzone | Link: Click Here