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The best cost-effective CNG technology on the market

EnerSea’s VOTRANS™ system is the world’s first cost-effective marine gas transport service since the introduction of liquefied natural gas (LNG).  The VOTRANS™ (and VOLANDS™ for land-based storage) CNG system employs the next generation applications of proven technologies that allow significantly more gas to be stored and efficiently handled compared to other CNG technologies.

VOTRANS™ is the most versatile and efficient system available for the marine transportation of natural gas, which can deliver volumes of 25 to 1,000 million standard cubic feet (MMscf) per ship at significantly lower costs than other gas transportation alternatives.  The VOTRANS™ system creates advantages not available in other CNG technologies by optimizing the relationships between storage pressure, temperature and the structural capabilities of commercially available, high-strength carbon steel pipe.  Furthermore, VOTRANS™ employs a proven but innovative approach to gas handling that can accommodate a wide range of gas compositions and enables efficient transfer between transport and storage facilities by minimizing the “heel” gas left over.  VOTRANS™ delivers the best steel-to-gas weight ratio for the most economic CNG marine gas delivery system available in the industry.

EnerSea owns a suite of patents in the United States and around the world along with proprietary know-how relating to its gas storage and handling systems.  EnerSea has completed extensive and rigorous engineering, testing and validation programs in partnership with large engineering, construction and oil & gas companies, to design and certify its CNG systems.  It has obtained approval-in-principle from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Det Norske Veritas-GL (DNV), confirming that VOTRANS™ is ready for project execution.

EnerSea’s patented technology, VOTRANS™ (Volume Optimized Transport and Storage), is the most cost-effective CNG solution in the marketplace.

VOTRANS is more cost-effective due to:

  • Greater gas storage efficiency – VOTRANS Gas Containment

  • Greater gas delivery efficiency – VOTRANS Gas Handling System

VOTRANS project systems use proven components and equipment:

  • CNG Ships for large volume, long distance projects

  • CNG Barges for small volume, short distance projects

  • CNG Ports and terminals for onshore or offshore

  • CNG Storage can be provided for optimized ship utilization

VOTRANS is patented, tested and approved.

VOTRANS systems have been developed to be:

  • Safe

  • Reliable

VOTRANS has many advantages over the alternatives:

  • Non-CNG Technologies (LNG, FLNG, Pipelines)

  • High-Pressure CNG Technologies

Regional Opportunities

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