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Combining Reliability and Efficiency

EnerSea’s transport system is designed for the highest level of reliability based on project-specific parameters and client objectives. EnerSea performs studies to investigate operational “regularity” for the production and delivery of gas from the client’s gas supply source (eg. production platform) to the market. “Regularity” combines consideration of reliability and efficiency. Sophisticated simulation software is used to perform these detailed analyses starting with the construction of simple models representing key elements of the systems and processes involved, as well as the external factors affecting those operations, such as:

  • Intermittent or continuous production operations

  • Weather conditions: wind, fog and storms

  • Met-ocean conditions: wave, current, ice

  • Shipping reliability

  • Loading and delivery terminal availabilities

  • Intermittent or continuous deliveries

  • Port transit issues: 24 hour operations; Pilot & assist tug requirements; Shipping lanes; Port traffic


The use of an event domain simulation program allows the generation of a great many perspectives on a complex operation. It allows EnerSea and its clients to understand the key drivers of the overall operation and economic value trade-offs for some of the key design features and operating strategies.

Regional Opportunities

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