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Developing Stranded Gas Reserves

Smaller gas reservoirs which are not close to existing infrastructure are frequently not developed because their low volumes and/or distance to power plants or other gas consumers make them economically unviable. EnerSea’s marine CNG solution can deliver natural gas to these markets located within 3,000 kilometers of a gas supply and offers the following advantages:

  • Low-Cost Transportation – Producers can transport gas volumes using EnerSea’s CNG system that would be uneconomic by subsea pipeline and too small for liquefied natural gas projects.

  • Scalable Transportation System – EnerSea’s CNG system consists of a fleet of ships or barges that provide continuous gas delivery to a market. The fleet can be easily scaled up by adding additional ships or barges, so as the supply for natural gas grows the transportation infrastructure can easily expand in tandem.

  • Redeployable Infrastructure – Because the bulk of the capital invested in an EnerSea CNG project is in floating assets, the system is easily redeployable and its capital cost can be amortized over multiple projects.

  • Offshore Loading – EnerSea can load its ships offshore, receiving either processed gas or direct well-stream flow. More information can be found on our Extended Well Testing and Early Production Systems page.

Regional Opportunities

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