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Extended Well Testing and Early Production Systems

EnerSea’s technology can be used for gas production and transport using our Gas Production Storage and Shuttle (GPSS™) system. The GPSS eliminates a separate Floating Production Unit (FPU) and long pipelines in any type of environment, including remote, deepwater and arctic areas. The GPSS system consists of a fleet of CNG ships, each having wellstream production and gas handling facilities onboard to condition the water-saturated wellstream fluids, including gas/water separation. The gas is then compressed (if required), chilled and stored in gas containment holds, while the extracted water is treated and discharged. Any natural gas liquids (NGLs) are stored as un-stabilized liquid in pressure vessels similar to those designed for CNG.

The GPSS can be deployed for:


  • Any offshore lean gas reservoir within reach of a regional market by CNG transport.

  • Stranded production and gas transport applications in ice-prone or ultra-deepwater areas to eliminate fixed infrastructure.

  • Extended well test applications (EWT) that require long-term (6-18 months) production data in order to characterize large gas reservoirs to support development decisions.

  • Early production system (EPS) applications for longer periods (3-5 years) to obtain cash flow — and additional reservoir performance information — while developing the full scale field development.


The main advantages for EnerSea’s GPSS solution:

  • Gas is produced “Direct-to-Ship”

  • Field production is separated (Gas, NGLs), treated and stored for transport

  • Subsea well support can be provided from the GPSS

  • GPSS fleet and dual buoys support continuous production

  • Transport gas and NGLs direct to market

  • Applicable in deepwater

  • Applicable in harsh environments

  • Ideal for remote gas reservoirs

Regional Opportunities

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