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EnerSea delivers the complete “gas supply to energy market” solution for clients with stranded gas resources or remote energy markets.  To achieve this, EnerSea provides project development and execution services to integrate its proprietary VOTRANS™ CNG system with onshore/offshore gas supply and delivery terminals and power plants where required.

There are over 100 trillion cubic feet of stranded gas resources and curtailed production globally, which currently provide no value to their asset owners.  In addition, there is a worldwide demand for power projects using natural gas instead of liquid fuels to ensure long-term, low-cost fuel supplies, while reducing carbon emissions by more than 50%.  Deployment of the industry leading VOTRANS™ CNG system enables monetization of these gas resources and stable fuel supply for power projects, where LNG or pipelines are not viable options due to economic, geopolitical or environmental issues.

EnerSea’s marine gas transportation services are offered on a long-term tariff basis similar to third-party pipeline transportation agreements.  This ensures clients are not burdened with the upfront capital expenditures related to the dedicated CNG ships or terminals.


For business inquiries, questions or contact requests, please reach us via the following:

Email: contact@enersea.com

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